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Brooksight Investigations specialises in a number of Investigative Services


Brooksight Investigations has been successfully carrying out Factual Investigations since 2000.  Brooksight Investigations valued clients include most of the major insurers within Australia. 


Brooksight has experienced licensed Investigators spread strategically throughout Australia and an unrivalled reputation for quality and results covering all lines of insurance investigations.


A range of experiences, methodologies and equipment is available to Brooksight in order to best tailor surveillance operations. All Surveillance Operatives are required to use only the latest state of the art video equipment and all are conversant with and comply with the relative state legislature and privacy guidelines. 
To ensure that our licensed operatives remain at the forefront of investigative surveillance techniques we provide ongoing development through regular education and training days.


Brooksight Investigations have developed a Video Interview Platform B-VIP which allows interviews to take place remotely and securely whilst keeping the costs of an investigation down. 

Brooksight Investigations currently provides Desktop Investigation services to a number of companies.  These services include both GI and PI investigations which are carried out by an experienced, licensed and accredited Investigator.  These investigations meet all legal and security requirements as well as fully complying with the Code of Practice. For more information CLICK HERE


Skip Traces are primarily focused on identifying a current address for a person of interest (POI) and is typically used in recovery matters, service of documents or in surveillance matters. 

Skip Trace enquiries are conducted using a number of open source and subscriber data base searches dependant on the personal information supplied by the client.


Brooksight Investigations Pty Ltd pride themselves on obtaining results for all clients.


Brooksight specialise in comprehensive forensic traffic crash investigations. Our expert team utilises advanced technology and meticulous methodologies to reconstruct accidents with unparalleled accuracy. We provide detailed analysis and clear insights into the causes and contributing factors of traffic incidents, helping our clients make informed decisions.


Whether it's a minor collision or a major accident, our investigations are thorough, precise, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each case. Trust us to deliver the clarity and evidence you need. 


Brooksight Investigations provide an Intelligence/Social media report on individuals prepared by our Intelligence expert with information gathered from the various avenues available to the company. A number of open source and subscriber data base searches are conducted to compile evidence on a particular subject to allow our clients to make informed decisions. 


These investigations meet all legal requirements and are conducted in the strictest of privacy. 

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