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Brooksight Investigations aim to provide our clients with a confidential, cost effective and professional service

A Family Owned Business Providing Innovative Investigations Nationally and Internationally for over 20 years! 

Originally operating in Queensland as More Investigations Pty Ltd, it merged with Brooksight Investigations Pty Ltd in 2001 to become a leader in investigative and surveillance services operating Internationally. 

Now, as a major supplier to the insurance, legal and corporate sections, Brooksight Investigations is renowned for its commitment to the provision of ethical and reliable investigative and surveillance services. 

The professional approach used by Brooksight Investigations combined with our integrity has built us strong relationships with our clients who know we conduct our activities with the highest discretion and confidentiality. 

Our wealth of qualified investigators and experienced management means we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the results we obtain for our clients.

Our organisation adheres to a code of ethics and regulatory compliance that is committed in practice to the industry’s standards, vision, goals, values and objectives. 

We are a customer-driven organisation with a total commitment to customer satisfaction with our professional, cost-effective surveillance and investigative services. Customer and staff satisfaction has been the critical measure of our success. 
We emphasise the importance of reliability and quality to our staff and our capability to achieve a standard of service expected by our customers at a cost effective price has been a critical benefit to our achievement. 
We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of investigation services available in Australia which have grown considerably and prospered due to our:



       We maintain a consistency and continuity of services​


       We provide a depth of professional skills and experience with our personnel ​


       We manage each project with up-front analysis and provide the guidance and monitoring to ensure each case is

       administered correctly


       We undertake the responsibility of providing quality services for our clients so their expectations are met 


       With our experience we offer an industry insight using cost effective and efficient methods as well as an

       understanding of what our clients may require


       We provide knowledge and capability to the critical areas of surveillance and investigative services. Our

       assurance to our customers is that we concentrate on our technical and process skills

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