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This document sets out the Domestic and Family Violence Policy for Brooksight Investigations in relation to providing appropriate assistance to persons encountered who require assistance in relation to Domestic & Family Violence.




This policy applies to all Brooksight staff, sub-contractors and partners whether working in or out of the office and whether inside or outside of office hours when dealing with persons on behalf of Brooksight or any of Brooksight’s clients.


Policy Statement


Brooksight Investigations recognises that domestic and family violence is serious and prevalent in the Australian community. While anyone may experience domestic and family violence, research shows that the majority of victims are women and the majority of perpetrators are men.

Brooksight Investigations recognises that any person may be affected by domestic and family violence.  Domestic and family violence can have a significant impact on those experiencing it and it may affect their performance at work, health and general wellbeing.

Brooksight Investigations recognises that domestic and family violence is fostered by a culture in which there is inequality between men and women.

Brooksight Investigations is committed to addressing domestic and family violence and supporting any person we deal with who is affected by it.



Domestic and Family Violence is:


  • Physical or sexual abuse;

  • Emotional or psychological abuse;

  • Economical abuse (limiting access to money or impacting overall financial wellbeing);

  • Threatening or coercing;

  • Controlling or dominating a family member in any way, causing that family member to fear for their safety or wellbeing, or the safety or wellbeing of another family member or another person;

  • Causing a child to hear, witness, or otherwise be exposed to the effects of domestic and family violence behaviour.

Every person’s situation is unique and the right actions for you will depend on your individual circumstances. We can help you as you make decisions about your circumstances.



Relevant Relationship is defined in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (QLD):


 A ‘relevant relationship’ is:

    a)  an intimate personal relationship; or

    b)  a family relationship; or

    c)  an informal care relationship.




We understand that privacy and confidentiality can be critical to safety in any domestic and family violence situation and we will take care to protect your personal information in line with our Privacy Policy.

Depending on your personal circumstances, we can help you with the following:


  • With your permission, advise the Insurer of your circumstances so they act appropriately;

  • Consider arrangements for anything we may need to send to you. For example, by nominating the mailing address of a trusted family member or PO Box.

  • Providing you with details of organisations that can assist you with your circumstances, e.g;


  • Call 000 if you are in immediate danger.

  • 1800 RESPECT provides access to telephone or online counselling, information on safety planning, and information on how to support someone who is experiencing domestic and family violence. Call 1800 737 732.

  • Lifeline provides Australians experiencing a personal crisis with 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Call 13 11 14.

Local Support


Additional Counselling support

  • Relationships Australia provides support groups and counselling on relationships, and for abusive and abused partners. To be connected to the nearest Relationships Australia, call 1300 364 277.

  • Aboriginal Family Domestic Violence Hotline. Victims Services has a dedicated contact line for Aboriginal victims of crime who would like information on victims’ rights, how to access counselling and financial assistance. Call 1800 019 123.

  • The Victims Access Line provides free counselling and financial assistance for victims of crime. Call 1800 633 063 or the Aboriginal contact line on 1800 019 123.


  • NSW – Family & Community Services Link2home Domestic Violence Line. Call 1800 656 463.

Legal and Financial Support


  • National Debt Helpline – 1800 007 007

  • Legal Aid NSW – 1300 888 259

  • Legal Aid QLD – 1300 651 188

  • Legal Aid VIC – 1300 792 387

  • Legal Aid WA – 1300 650 579

  • Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania – 1300 366 611

  • Legal Services Commission of SA – 1300 366 424

  • Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission – 1800 019 343

Support for Men

  • Mensline Australia provides a free service offering national telephone and online support, information and referrals for men with family and relationship concerns. Call 1300 789 978.

Support for Children

  • Child Protection Helpline – 132 111

  • Kids Helpline. Free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 in Australia. Call 1800 551 800.

  • Australian Childhood Foundation. Counselling for children and young people affected by abuse. Call 1800 176 453 / 03 9874 3922.

Brooksight Commitments


Brooksight Investigations is committed to providing assistance to persons as they deal with domestic and family violence, with the aim of supporting their safety and wellbeing, and ensuring they are not disadvantaged due to domestic and family violence.

If family or domestic violence is found to be a factor in any matter Brooksight is dealing with, we will take all steps to ensure that the situation is not exacerbated in anyway as a result of our involvement.

Brooksight Investigations will treat disclosures of domestic and family violence as confidential.

Brooksight Investigations will not take adverse action against any person because of their disclosure of, experience of, or perceived experience of domestic and family violence.

Brooksight Investigations will not discriminate against a victim of domestic and family violence in any way.

Brooksight Investigations staff and sub-contractors will take immediate action to act on any potentially dangerous or threatening instances of domestic and family violence that occur in their presence or to their knowledge.

Brooksight Investigations is committed to the prevention of domestic and family violence. To help prevent domestic and family violence, we will promote equal and respectful relationships between women and men and challenge the condoning of violence against women. We will challenge gender stereotypes and promote women's independence and decision making.

Brooksight Investigations does not ignore or excuse domestic and family violence, or tolerate disrespectful behaviour such as offensive jokes, aggressive or demeaning behaviour, or discrimination.  All employees are required to demonstrate behaviour that does not support or promote domestic and family violence (or any other form of violence) or unequal relationships between men and women.

Raising Concerns


Brooksight Investigations will always respect your Privacy, however if you agree, we will raise the matter with your Insurer at the first available opportunity to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate level of support.

Brooksight’s Responsibility


Brooksight Investigations will ensure that all staff and sub-contractors read, understand and comply with this policy.

Training and Communication


Training on this policy forms part of the induction process for all new employees.  All existing employees will receive regular, relevant training on how to implement and adhere to this policy.  In addition, all employees will be asked to formally accept compliance to this policy on an annual basis.


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